Personal Appearance

All students are expected to maintain a high standard of pride in their appearance and are required to wear correct uniform at all times. The uniform helps children to develop a spirit of belonging to the school and removes competition in dress. We ask for full caregiver support in ensuring that students are clean, neat and correctly attired. We believe that it is only fair to all students that correct school uniform standards are maintained. 

During school hours the wearing of jewellery, make-up or coloured nail polish is not allowed. Studs or sleepers are the only ear decoration permitted. 

For health and safety reasons, hair longer than shoulder length must be tied back with a white, maroon or navy hair tie. Hair bands must be white, maroon or navy. Hair should present a neat, natural appearance.

Undergarments, such as a singlet or polypropylene, must be white and short sleeved. 

General Uniform 

Both Girls and Boys
  • School monogrammed navy polar fleece or maroon jersey.
  • Black or brown lace-up leather or vinyl shoes or sandals. Sports shoes, sneakers, skate shoes or ballet flats are not permitted. 
  • Navy blue wide brimmed or bucket hat (compulsory Terms 1 and 4).
  • Plain maroon or navy scarf (winter - optional).
  • Weatherproof school jacket and track pants may be worn to and from school.
  • Maroon cardigan (an alternative to the polar fleece or jersey).
  • School pleated skirt or shorts.
  • School monogrammed blouse or skivvy (winter).
  • White or black socks or black pantyhose 
  • Grey shorts
  • School monogrammed polo shirt or skivvy (winter)
  • Grey socks with single maroon bands
Physical Education Uniform
  • School monogrammed navy and maroon top
  • School maroon shorts 
School Sports Uniform 
Official sports uniforms and tracksuits are provided for students representing our school at interschool tournaments or competitions. 

Uniform Sales and Supply: New

Bruce and Stephanie Watson
ph 338-5742
cell 021 559383
email productquery@gmail.com

Uniform Sales and Supply: Second Hand 

The PTA maintains a list of people wanting to sell second hand uniforms. Anyone wanting to purchase a second hand uniform can make direct contact with someone selling the items, and negotiate the sale.

Do you have a uniform you wish to sell?

Great - list your items with us and we'll advertise them for you and put you in touch with interested buyers.  Please note that the list will be updated regularly.

To list an item in the next update please email Jo Harrison at uniforms@chchsouth.ac.nz.
Do you wish to purchase a second hand uniform?
We can help - View the Uniforms For Sale List or you can collect a copy from the school office. You will then be able to make contact with the seller directly to make your purchase.

School shoes
The Athlete's Foot in Riccarton have generously supported our school for a number of years. Mention our school when you purchase shoes and they include your purchase as part of their school support programme. We have benefited from valuable sports equipment through this programme in the past.

When you buy school shoes from Shoe Clinic Riccarton you can save yourself money (an upfront discount of either $10 off all school shoes or a free $35 back pack) and help raise money for the school too - for every pair of school shoes sold the Shoe Clinic Riccarton will contribute $10 back to the school.