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Friday, 25 Sep 2020
Debating Club
is on at lunch time today. Meet in S2 at 12.45.



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Latest News

Rutherford Celebration of Learning

Rutherford had a Learning Celebration Day to sign off the end of our learning about Sustainability in the first semester. The Rutherford 7s produced board games to help educate the public about issues around sustainability. We were very proud of their creativity, imagination and the skills they developed in bringing their products to life. It was great to see so many family members come along and try out our games and we really appreciate those that could take the time to come in and participate. Our Year 8s found innovative ways to combine foods which might otherwise go to waste to develop delightful treats which expanded our waist. Some very tasty concoctions were shared around our pod throughout the morning.  It has been a hugely eventful 2020 thus far and us teachers feel that our students thoroughly deserve the upcoming holidays based on the quality of the learning artefacts shared today!

Hillary Year 8 Learning Celebration

On Wednesday the 1st of July, the Hillary Year 8s had a fantastic day sharing and playing their Sustainability Games with their whānau. Over the last month they have been researching a sustainability issue happening within New Zealand, and then they created awareness around the issue by creating a board or card game. The games included elements of chance and strategy and the players learnt ways to be sustainable. Thanks to whānau that came along to support and play. Awesome effort Hillary Year 8! 

New Growing Challenge

Some of our students have been exploring the technique of growing plants in water. They have put many hours into researching the different set ups, the nutrients and the balance needed for different plants, and how successful different crops are. They have become very knowledgeable about the ebb and flow and the kratky hydroponics systems and are keeping records and graphs of their results. They are currently experimenting with how to support the fast growing tomato plants. We would be thrilled to have parents look at our work and maybe offer advice and support. 

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