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Monday, 27 Jan 2020
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ICAS: Digital Tech, Science and Spelling

This year we had 16 students sit the ICAS Digital Technologies exam, 21 students sit the Spelling exam and 25 students sit the Science exam. To receive a Merit Certificate the students need to score in the top 50% of all students in the NZ and Pacific region. Those achieving Credit Certificates score in the top 30%, Distinction Certificates score in the top10% and High Distinction score in the top 1%. Congratulations to all students who sat these exams. Year 7  Digital TechnologiesMerit – Jacob Andrist H4, James Berry R1, Credit – Sam Cox H4, Thisum  Lawrance H1,Year 7 SpellingMerit - Rebecca Hynes H4,Credit - Anouk Hector Taylor H1, Jennifer Monnonx  H1, Lucia Stevenson N1Year 7 ScienceMerit - Justin Corlett  R1, Samuel Andrist H1, Cameron Mitchell H1Credit – Jacob Andrist  H4, Thisum Lawrance H1, Distinction – Hanna North H4Year 8  Digital TechnologiesMerit – Tyler Chesterman H3, Distinction - Maisie Bowen S3, Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3, Year 8  SpellingMerit - Nyssa Broderick  H2, Callum Hynes S3,   Credit - Zinzan Bondarenko-Leatua N3,  Matthew Currie S3,  Zoey Kenix  S3,Distinction - Amy Wallis S3Year 8  ScienceCredit – James Quinn H3, Amy Wallis  S3,Distinction – Maisie Bowen S3, Zoey Kenix  S3, James Wright S3, High Distinction - Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3

Science Extension

On Thursday 6/9, we were very lucky to have have two chemists from the University of Canterbury come in and provide an extension science experience for 40 students. With lab coats and safety goggles on, our young scientists relished the opportunity to extract iron from breakfast cereal, create an iron molecule and to observe some exciting demonstrations with liquid nitrogen and dry ice. There were so many fantastic questions asked, observations made, and of course lots of learning! Well done to the two groups of students who participated and thanks a lot to Sarah and Ricardo for providing their time, resources and expertise.


Last Wednesday, Mrs Wilson took a Year 7 and a Year 8 team Hornbrook Arena to this annual competitionpitting the best of Canterbury’s mathematicians against each other in teams of four. The Year 7 team of Hanna North, Jacob Andrist, Cameron Beach and Anouk Hector- Taylor managed to get 75 points and finished in a mid-top table position out of 97 teams.Our Year 8 team performed incredibly well to finish a tight race which was incredibly exciting (and nerve wracking) to watch. The Year 8 team came third place out of 102 teams and the team was made up of Sam Higgins, Aaron Moore, Callum Hynes and James Wright. We are all very proud of both teams who kept their heads down, engaging in ensuring they aimed for the golden ticket 100 score, for the whole 30 minutes. 

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