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Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020
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Christ's College Science Competition

Last week four keen scientist, Jacob, Cameron, Anouk and Hanna, attended the Christ's College Year 7 Science Competition. They were tasked with the challenge of solving three problems in three difference learning areas; biology, chemistry and physics.  Competing against 7 other schools from around Christchurch, they represented us very proudly! Biology brought them a crime scene to investigate which they did with methodical precision and accuracy. A challenge was presented to them in physics, where graphing skills and a range of new skills were required to reach a result. Then the group tackled chemistry, identifying a range of chemicals by conducting a range of tests and making accurate observations. They were observed by teachers of each of these disciplines, and marked on a range of criteria.  Overall the level of team work, attention to detail and skill was extremely high! Well done to the entire team for bringing the South Way to a new environment and learning a lot on the way. 

Science Badge Success!

Molly is a proud Sheppardonian who set out at the beginning of 2018 with an ambitious goal: to complete every single one of the 29 Science Badges before she finished her time here. And this term, she did just that. I sat down with Molly to learn a bit more about her journey with her Science Badge work. Molly got interested in the science badges after seeing a few of her friends complete some. They worked collaboratively on a few badges together, then Molly moved onto more independent work where she discovered the website, and the fact that the Science Badge programme is run at many schools all around the country. Molly turned up to South Intermediate with a couple of badges under her belt already; a booster that made the challenge a little more achievable! Her favourites to complete were Botany, Forensics and Food Technology. Along with her favourites came those that were not so favoured! Technology was the most challenging badge for Molly to complete. There were many hurdles to overcome and new knowledge to be acquired such as coding, robotics programming and construction. Despite these challenges, Molly completed this badge to a high standard.  Molly is the first person here at South Intermediate to complete all of the badges, and only the second known person in the whole of New Zealand to complete them all!Her advice for anyone wishing to follow in her footsteps (whether that means completing all of the badges, or completing one or two!) is to stay very organised and to aim high with all of the activities. What’s next for Molly? She’s looking forward to having some time to relax, and to enjoy the last term of her time here at South. She also thinks there will be more time to focus on the next thing; Maths badges!Great job Molly, you are an inspiring scientist who has demonstrated the South Way in all that you do! Are you inspired by Molly? Pop into the Science room to talk about how you can get started with a science badge, or track Molly down in the playground; she would be happy to answer your questions!

ICAS: Digital Tech, Science and Spelling

This year we had 16 students sit the ICAS Digital Technologies exam, 21 students sit the Spelling exam and 25 students sit the Science exam. To receive a Merit Certificate the students need to score in the top 50% of all students in the NZ and Pacific region. Those achieving Credit Certificates score in the top 30%, Distinction Certificates score in the top10% and High Distinction score in the top 1%. Congratulations to all students who sat these exams. Year 7  Digital TechnologiesMerit – Jacob Andrist H4, James Berry R1, Credit – Sam Cox H4, Thisum  Lawrance H1,Year 7 SpellingMerit - Rebecca Hynes H4,Credit - Anouk Hector Taylor H1, Jennifer Monnonx  H1, Lucia Stevenson N1Year 7 ScienceMerit - Justin Corlett  R1, Samuel Andrist H1, Cameron Mitchell H1Credit – Jacob Andrist  H4, Thisum Lawrance H1, Distinction – Hanna North H4Year 8  Digital TechnologiesMerit – Tyler Chesterman H3, Distinction - Maisie Bowen S3, Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3, Year 8  SpellingMerit - Nyssa Broderick  H2, Callum Hynes S3,   Credit - Zinzan Bondarenko-Leatua N3,  Matthew Currie S3,  Zoey Kenix  S3,Distinction - Amy Wallis S3Year 8  ScienceCredit – James Quinn H3, Amy Wallis  S3,Distinction – Maisie Bowen S3, Zoey Kenix  S3, James Wright S3, High Distinction - Callum Hynes S3, Aaron Moore S3

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