BandQuest 2019

Published on Friday, 23 August 2019, 3:09 p.m. Print Article

Our two CSIS bands, GHOST and Torn Strings participated amongst a large field of highly talented young musicians on August 19th for BandQuest 2019. The students have been really well mentored by Matt Stevenson, who also is a youth support mentor, over the year and were ready to smash out covers of artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes and Queen.
Both bands got the crowd well pumped as CSIS delivered their numbers. Muiz ultimately won the best guitarist for his searing solo during "Don't Stop Me Now." His toneful 2 step bends really captured the feel of Brian May, which is a mean feat!! Hopefully they keep together and don't stop because the world needs Rock'n'roll to remain as exciting as they made it that night!