CAIMS Swimming Sports

Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2019, 12:21 p.m. Print Article

Tuesday 2nd April, the CSIS Swimming Team competed against other Intermediate and Middle School swimmers.  The standard in all events was very high and many of our students gained some excellent results.  Congratulations to all participants and a huge congratulations to those of you who excelled amongst their fellow Cantabrians.
The following people gained outstanding results: 
1OOM FREESTYLE GIRLS YEAR 7 RELAY: 1st Place - Aoife Goldsmith, Amelie Martin, Poppy Elston, Chanita Rains.

1OOM FREESTYLE BOYS YEAR 7 RELAY:  1st Place - Fearghus Kane, Lachlan Timlin, Kodi Erkkila, Harry Hay.

1OOM FREESTYLE BOYS YEAR 8 RELAY:  2nd Place - Fletcher Munro, Kaleb Gibson, Max Sumetzberger, Tyla Hira.

50M FREESTYLE YEAR 7 GIRLS:   4th Place - Tiara van Berkel

50M FREESTYLE YEAR 8 BOYS:  2nd Place - Felix Bargh 

50M BREASTSTROKE  YEAR 7 GIRLS: 1st Place - Tiara van Berkel,  6th Place - Jean Taylor .

150M MEDLEY YEAR 7 MIXED RELAY: 1st Place: Tiara van Berkel, Jean Taylor, Sebastian Julian, Kyle Stewart.

200M MEDLEY YEAR 7 MIXED RELAY:  1st Place: Isabel Brooks, Abbie Higgins, Felix Bargh, Liam Coakley.

25M FREESTYLE YEAR 7 GIRLS:  5th Place - Aoife Goldsmith

25M FREESTYLE YEAR 7 BOYS: 4th Place - Lachlan Timlin, 5th Place - Fearghus Kane

25M FREESTYLE YEAR 8 BOYS: 1st Place - Fletcher Munro,  5th Place - Kaleb Gibson

50M BACKSTROKE YEAR 7 BOYS: 5th Place - Sebastian Julian

50M BACKSTROKE YEAR 8 BOYS: 1st Place - Felix Bargh

100M FREESTYLE BOYS:  7th Place - James Quinn

25M BACKSTROKE YEAR 7 BOYS: 1st Place - Kodi Erkkila, 7th Place - Harry Hay 

25M BACKSTROKE YEAR 8 BOYS: 2nd Place - Fletcher Munro, 5th Place - Kaleb Gibson

50M BUTTERFLY GIRLS: 5th Place - Tiara van Berkel

25M BREASTSTROKE YEAR 7 GIRLS: 5th Place - Aimee Richardson, 7th Place - Emma Cortes-Lunan.

25M BREASTSTROKE YEAR 7 BOYS:1st Place - Lachlan Timlin, 5th Place - Fearghus Kane .

25M BREASTSTROKE YEAR 8 GIRLS: 7th Place -  Ruby Roy

25M BREASTSTROKE YEAR 8 BOYS: 1st Place - Fletcher Munro, 6th Place - Max Sumetzberger.

100M INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY BOYS: 3rd Place - Felix Bargh

200M FREESTYLE YEAR 7 GIRLS RELAY: 7th Place: Eliza O”Meagher, Jean Taylor, Lily Burrows, Tiara van Berkel

200M FREESTYLE YEAR 7 BOYS RELAY: 5th Place: William Hull, Sebastian Julian, Jamie Radford, Kyle Stewart.

200M FREESTYLE YEAR 8 BOYS RELAY: 3rd Place: Felix Bargh, Liam Coakley, James Quinn, Ari Vick.