Ski trip 2017

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 3:30 p.m. Print Article

Early in the morning of the 24th of August… Mr Sagar, Mair, and Mr Keelty were trying to calm down a bunch of super-excited students (including myself) and try to herd us into a coach. Soon, we were in the coach driving up the mountains towards Porters Ski Field. As soon as we jumped out of the coach at Porters, we were greeted by Kea and the friendly Porters staff. Before long, we were lugging our ginormous skis and snowboards down to the ski field to learn how to ski/ snowboard. 

We all soon faced their first challenge…. Clipping ourselves into the ski/ snowboards. After we had hurdled our problem (metaphorically!), we continued our lesson. Travelling up the Magic Carpet, skiing down the mountain, traveling up the Magic Carpet, and so on. By this time, we were finally starting to get better and were not falling over as often. Hooked by skiing or snowboarding, most of us skipped eating lunch and continued to hurtle down the mountain eagerly. 

All too soon, we had to leave to get to school and then go home to get ready for the next day of school. Thank you to Mr Sagar, Mair, Mr Keelty, and the staff at Porters for helping all of us have such an incredible day!