Battling the tall timber of an intimidating Murray's Bay, a man of the match performance from Fergus.

AIMS Games - Update Day 3

Published on Thursday, 14 September 2017, 2:47 p.m. Print Article

Day three began with the daunting knowledge in our heads that we were playing Murray's Bay. This would've been fine, apart from the fact they had a 6'3 centre towering over us. We set off for the stadium, slightly apprehensive when disaster struck. As we arrived at the stadium carpark, Jesse realised that he had left his boots back at the house. While we plodded into the arena, Jesse sped back with Pete to retrieve his forgotten boots.
While we waited for the game to commence, we saw Jesse come running into the stadium 30 seconds before tip off. The tip off itself was won by a non jumping Murray's Bay child. As the game unfolded, we saw the game was not going in the manner planned. We were down at the end of the first half 36 - 8. We had to get it together for the finish. The Eagles hustled it out, and finished the game 54 - 21. We had just lost the second half with a respectable 18 - 13.
The team headed back to the stadium after a thoroughly enjoyable sea/spa recovery session. We were looking for a win to put us into contention for the top ten, so came feeling hyped and slightly nervous. The game began, and Newlands got the ball rolling with some fast and physical layups. Their mid-range and three point shooting was on point all game long, and we didn't quite step up to the challenge. Fergus battled hard with some great hustle and man to man defence; but alas it was all in vain. We only lost the second half by one basket, as the game finished 39 - 27 to Newlands Intermediate.
Predicting a close game for tomorrow, but heads are up in camp and the sea is looking inviting. 
~ Toby, Ben and Jesse