Pre Opening Ceremony, Highlight of Ceremony - JGeeks, Dallas on fine form, Alex showing off his max vertical, all smiles post first win, Peace out from Papamoa - bring on Day 2!

AIMS Games Update - Opening Ceremony and Day 1

Published on Monday, 11 September 2017, 8:17 p.m. Print Article

After months of hard work and commitment, the time was finally here for us to depart for the 2017 Aims Games! The highlight of our flight to Tauranga was receiving the lollies from our very own Toby! Finally being able to walk on land, we arrived to a two-storey beach front holiday house, to be our home for the next few days. It features a pool table, dart board, and even a spa! 
Due to our manager Rocky having to buy half the supermarket to feed us for the week, we arrived to the Opening Ceremony right on time! This was a spectacle of lights, music and dancing acts. The highlight was definitely being treated to an entertaining performance from J-Geeks! 
Monday was the start of our competition games, coming up against Berkley Normal Middle School from Hamilton first. It was a slow start for us, but with some sneaky steals from Alex and Jesse, we managed to build a lead going into half time. Gaining some confidence, we pulled out the full court press, and pulled away to win 46-33. 
Our second game was up against Highlands Intermediate from New Plymouth. These boys were a classy act, and had us down 11-0 before we had a chance to blink. We managed to come back to level the game through some accurate shooting by Dallas and Jayden, before Highlands finished strongly and took the game out 23-37. 
Looking forward to another two games tomorrow, and a sleep in with our first game at 12.45pm!
Catch ya later!
~Dallas and Alex