Ngaire race training at Broken River the day before the race.

Primary and Intermediate Ski Races at Mt Cheeseman

Published on Monday, 28 August 2017, 5:15 p.m. Print Article

On Sunday 20th August we had 5 South students participate in the Primary and Intermediate Ski Races at Mt Cheeseman. The weather wasn't great on the day as visibility was quite poor and there were big gusts of wind that sometimes came through. As usual there were two courses: a red and a blue slalom and all the competitors raced on both with the two times being combined for the total time.
Christchurch South Results:
Ngaire North - 5th (0:54.6) 
Reilly Kane - 7th (0:55.4)
Natasha MacGibbon - 30th (1:14.3)
Hamish Sherratt - 29th (1:00.7)
Zac Taylor - 52nd (1:11.5)

Congratulations to all the students who took part!