R2 EOTC Activity Day

Published on Thursday, 3 March 2022, 6:47 p.m. Print Article

R2 EOTC Activity Day

The day dawned grey and gloomy but the excited voices of R2 students eroded any doubts that this could be a dull day.  Masked and wrapped up against the chilly morning air we soon arrived at Stoddart Point and donned wetsuits, life jackets and helmets in readiness for Coasteering. The brave souls of R2, parents, and staff were soon immersed in the green, cool sea of Purau Bay.  For over an hour, they swam, clambered over barnacle-clad rocks, jumped into the sea, and explored the shoreline of the bay.

After a couple of hours and a trek back to Stoddart Point the next activities were chosen. The choices were Wharf Jumping, Raft Building or Kayaking (with a Wharf Jump to finish). The Wharf Jumpers had a wicked time and relished the opportunity to fling themselves into the water with landings that were often creative, but unfortunately, some endured bruising splats too!  When the kayakers arrived at the wharf to disembark, they seemed like they were professionals and their smiles told the story of utter joy and confidence in their new-found skills.

Once into dry clothes again, we headed for Orton Bradley Park and replenished ourselves with much-needed food and drinks.  Half an hour later we split into groups and headed to our next activities. The bush walk was just the tonic on such a beautiful, hot afternoon. Friendships were formed and consolidated whilst creating survival huts amongst diving piwakawaka, native bush, towering trees and a babbling brook to soothe our senses.

Meanwhile, at High Ropes, fears were faced as students challenged themselves to reach extraordinary heights as their loyal classmates kept them safe from falling by belaying.

I was tremendously impressed with the courage, enthusiasm and achievement of every single student of R2. I am especially grateful to Melissa, Ed, Mark and Kerrie for making our day a wonderful one as well as our talented staff members: Jessie and Ian who were amazingly supportive and skilled in this environment.

Gae Johns