Year 8 EOTC

Published on Thursday, 3 March 2022, 2:39 p.m. Print Article

Whizz! My whole entire body went up into the hot, muggy air with accelerating, quick speed. I was flying. As I was hanging from my harness, I stared at the beautiful scenic view of Orton Bradley Park. Occasionally it would become aware to me that I had a wedgie as I hovered back to the dusty dry ground. I could feel burning hot rope clasping my hands as I held on until I was ready to let go. Benick, our enthusiastic, energetic high ropes instructor said I was nailing it.
My friends Ashlee, Grace and Isla were laughing at me with joy as I did so as well. Clip, clip, clip was the sound of me as I got detached from the rope. A permanent smile spread across my face with ease. "Fly kiwi, fly!"
I just want to say a massive thank you and shout out to the parent helpers. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to come to our camp day. It wouldn't have gone ahead if you hadn't have participated. It was awesome to see that you had a whopper of a time, just as much as we did. We all loved having you contribute to our day. You made it that extra bit special. Our class is very grateful and would love to see you another time. Thank you so much!
While we were all a little disappointed that we were unable to experience the whole camp trip, we felt very excited to still be able to go out for the day and complete a range of awesome activities. 
-Georgia (H3)