Rutherford students sharing their learning.

Rutherford's Enterprise Celebration of Learning

Published on Friday, 1 October 2021, 11:23 a.m. Print Article

On Wednesday the 29th of September Rutherford students had their Enterprise Celebration of Learning. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this was a little different than originally planned celebration of learning, where whanau would have been invited in to see the student’s work. We missed having visitors! 

Rutherford students worked incredibly hard on their Enterprise learning, whether at school or at home during the lockdown. For Enterprise, students chose an area of interest to them. Then they brainstormed and researched various enterprising people and aspects linked to their topic. They researched people for biographies, enterprising innovations, created timelines and quizzes to teach others about their topic and created newspaper reports.

So for our Celebration of Learning, students shared their work with each other across year 7 and 8 classes. This process meant students presented their learning, then received feedback from their peers. Students really engaged with this, giving reflective and thoughtful comments on the learning to each other. The variety of ideas and presentations showed the diverse interests and skills of Rutherford learners and we are very proud of how they have ended the term. A great effort team!!