Team Maths

Published on Monday, 17 August 2020, 10:29 a.m. Print Article

Christchurch South Karamata Intermediate held the annual team maths competition this morning, and it was a hotly contested event. 
Lots of fun was had by all participants, and it was great to see the team work and problem solving skills on show.
In the Year 7 B event:
1st place: Sheppard Team 2 (Lochlan McRae, Oliver Moyers, Karishma Baichoo, Abi Hannah)
2nd place: Ngata Team 4 (Travis Fletcher, Daisy Scurr, Caleb Jenner, Aidan Tully)
3rd place: Ngata Team 1 (Bodhi Campbell, Jonny, Jonty Chapman, Seb Lane)
In the Year 7A event: 
1st place: Sheppard Team 1 (Luke Manson, Alex Manson, Maddie Yang, Mormor Wang)
2nd place: Ngata Team 2 (Eva Loose, Milly Fear-Ross, Maeve Flyger, Eve Hughes)
3rd place: Sheppard Team 3 (Lily Porteous, Emily Boot, Zara Dyhrberg, Laura Wilson)
In the Year 8B event: 
1st place: Hilary Team 2 (Ellie Jones, Eliza O'Meagher, Ellen Doughty, Lily Burrows)
2nd place: Hilary Team 1 (Sam Pincus, Heather Roulston, Amelie Martin, Noah Gibson)
3rd place: Rutherford Team 2 (Alakai Carrothers, Vincent Boddy, Cory Metelak, Ollie Bloy)
In the Year 8A event:
1st place: Hilary Team 1 (Jacob Andrist, Anouk Hector-Taylor, Hanna North, Cameron Beach)
2nd place: Sheppard Team 1 (Liam Hill, Daisy Cruickshank, Stasia Tapsell, Ben Gabites)
3rd place: Hilary Team 2 (Salvador Ward, Thisum Lawrance, Samuel Lu, Leo Prisco)
Well done to all participants and students helpers!