South's Champion Golf Team

Summer Tournament 2020

Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 7:25 a.m. Print Article

Earlier in the year, Summer Tournament was held in March. This is an annual tournament that allows many students to participate in a wide range of sports including touch, softball, cricket, tennis, golf and orienteering. Unfortunately, the weather didn't quite live up to the name of the "Summer" Tournament and the decision was made to cancel the tournament prior to the conclusion of all events. Luckily, some sports were able to conclude prior to the poor weather kicking in and interrupting play. Of the 3 sports that were able to finish (tennis, golf and orienteering) CSKI had some very pleasing results!
Our Orienteering team were incredible! In the girls grade, South finished both 3rd and 1st place, whilst our mixed team came 2nd.
Our golfers were able to navigate the difficult weather conditions and finished at the top of the table, achieving first place overall.
Congratulations to everyone who Aimed High and participated, fingers crossed next years Summer Tournament features some "Summer" weather!