Joel and Imeda holding two varieties of apples growing in our school garden. The larger apples weigh just over 600 g each!

Look what we grew!

Published on Thursday, 5 March 2020, 2:34 p.m. Print Article

We have had bumper crops of apples in the school garden this year. The garden club students have cooked and frozen many jars for us to use later in the year in Food Technology classes. Our black currant crop has also been outstanding, with over 6 kg of fruit frozen for use later.  The tomatoes are being used in relish, the corn in risotto and the green leafy crops will be used in stir fries. 
We are very grateful to the families who have joined us to work in the garden on Sunday afternoons, 2-4pm.  Any parent or grandparent is very welcome to come along for even half an hour whenever you can, to lend a hand with the weeding, pruning, and planting.