Education Outside The Classroom (EOTC) 2020

Published on Friday, 6 March 2020, 12:36 p.m. Print Article

During weeks four and five of Term 1 all 500+ children had the opportunity to participate in our 2020 EOTC programme. The year 7 students sailed at Lake Rua, experienced river crossing at the Groynes and hiked around Quail Island. The year 8 students went to camp at Orton Bradley park. They walked around the base of Mt Herbert, canoed, built rafts, coasteered, orienteered and wharf jumped at Diamond Harbour. It was great to see a number of students step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves and try new things. They showed great commitment and definitely embraced the challenge. We have been fortunate that the weather has played its part for most of the activities. A big thank you to all the parents/caregivers that helped out during the two weeks of EOTC. Without your support events like this would not happen. Here are some reflections from the children about their experiences:

Showing South values during EOTC …

Aim High: I had never sailed before and was nervous about it. Once I gave it a go I realised that it wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be.

Commitment:  I promised myself that I would give everything a go.

Support: I supported all my classmates when someone found something challenging.

Koha: Our class wrote letters to all the parents who helped out with our trips.

Integrity: I showed integrity by trying something new and being respectful to the instructors.

What I thought about Orton Bradley camp…

The most enjoyable thing was …  Coasteering and the food Mr Laing cooked for us. On Tuesday we went to Diamond harbour and took part in a number of activities. I loved jumping into the water at coasteering. It was really fun. Every evening Mr Laing cooked us dinner. My favourite meal was nachos. They were amazing. The best camp I have ever been on!