Parenting Week, 9th - 19th September 2019

Helping Whānau to Flourish

Published on Monday, 26 August 2019, 9:29 a.m. Print Article

At South, we understand the joys and trials of parenting, particularly during the ages and stages of emerging adolescence.  Neighbourhood Trust is hosting it’s annual Parenting Week at the beginning of September, with a programme of events across Christchurch, jam packed full of wisdom and research backed advice to give whānau strategies to get through the difficult times and continue flourishing together.

Renowned speakers such as Mike King, Dr. Sue Bagshaw, Pio Terei, Jenny Hale and John Parsons (whom we’ve worked with as a school directly before) are all offering useful workshops to support your mahi as a whānau.

To find out more and register for events, go to: