Levi mastering the tuwiri drill

Rutherford Canterbury Museum Field Trip

Published on Thursday, 22 August 2019, 3:30 p.m. Print Article

During the first week of Term 3, the students of Rutherford went on a field trip to Canterbury Museum. We were introduced to some very knowledgeable staff who guided our groups through a series of displays which helped us understand the trials and tribulations of our first Maori pioneers to make landfall in New Zealand. 
Our students got a hands on experience with many artefacts and tools which were used for the purposes of creating weapons, cladding for shelters and the catching and storing of food. We learned a lot about how our Intermediate aged students would have been deemed virtually adults in those early times and admired the tenacity of our ancestors to live off the land.
The trip was a richly rewarding experience and Rutherford students are now thinking about different ways to display our learning regarding technological progress.We look forward to seeing you on our learning celebration day later on in Term 3!