Sophia and Hannah planting out kohlrabi.

Garden News

Published on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, 12:59 p.m. Print Article

The garden club members have been busy planting more winter crops. Our thanks again to Julian Odering for his continuing support of our garden, this time with trays of kohlrabi. 
The fruit trees have all been pruned and we are hoping for bumper crops again in the summer. 
The citrus trees have been covered with frost cloth to protect them from the recent harsh frosts. 
We are still harvesting carrots, celery, spinach, silverbeet, leeks. The pumpkins are adding colour and flavour to the recipes we use in the Food Technology room. Microgreens are sprouting and will soon be ready to add to salads. 
Next term the garden club will meet after school on Fridays instead of at lunchtimes. New members are always welcome. Support from parents and friends is always appreciated.