Kids' Lit New Zealand Final

Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 9:10 p.m. Print Article

Wellington turned on a beautiful day for the New Zealand Kids' Lit Final on Sunday. Seventeen teams from around NZ travelled to compete in this very challenging competition.  The 75 questions were grouped into 5 categories - Authors, Humanoid Creatures, Opening Lines, Book Titles and Twosomes. Each team started with 10 points and then gained two points for a correct answer and lost one point for an incorrect one. The final range of scores was 8 points to 35 points for the winning team, demonstrating just how demanding this year's quiz was.  The competition was fast moving and exciting with the teams pitting their extensive knowledge of books and literature. Congratulations to Palmerston North Intermediate for their fine performance. They now go on to represent NZ in the World final in Singapore. 

South's team of Aaron, Luca, Macey and Maisie put up a spirited fight in this year's very tough competition and can very proud of their effort. Well done, team!