Nikita, Maisie, Charlotte and Sophia wit the Smart Seeds team.

Smart Seeds

Published on Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 9:14 p.m. Print Article

An amazing event was held at the Town Hall the evening of Wednesday 8 May where 5 focus groups of entrepreneurs were pitching their ideas to a panel of judges, made up of community leaders and business people. The students from one of our technology groups had been working with a group from Smart Seeds to look at ways of supporting families to eat healthy meals made from locally grown produce. 4 of our students, Nikita, Charlotte, Sophia and Maisie attended the event to help with the presentation by serving the judges a delicious winter salad. It was a delight to hear the judges announce that our focus group was highly commended and with a special mention of South Intermediate for the work we are doing to connect our garden with the Food Technology  programme. Our students were a credit to the school and they made quite an impression with many of the business and civic leaders.