Mountain Biking in Term 1

Published on Tuesday, 9 April 2019, 11:08 p.m. Print Article

CSIS has maintained its strong cycling record at two different events in Term 1. The South Island champs featured many of our talented boys ripping it up in Methven. A number of these boys were a part of the Leisure Education program for Mountain Biking in 2018. As much as Mr McBrearty would love to think that it was his inspiring line choices and bike control which propelled these boys to such wondrous heights, the reality is that their shared love of biking together in their spare time has no doubt contributed to their ability to push the envelope.
These were our South Island champ results:
John "No worry" Laurie won the cross country and came 3rd in the Enduro. He is a BEAST!!
Charlie "Foxtrot" Sullivan placed 6th in the downhill event.
Luke "Duke of Hazard" Wayman came 5th in the Cross Country, 4th in the Enduro and 2nd place in the Downhill.
"Flaming" Alfie Cockerill nabbed 4th in the downhill and 3rd in the Enduro. 
Luke and Alfie have birthdays which put them in an age group against high schoolers so they can be right proud of how competitive they were.
The Huxster Relay, a week later on, was held out at McLean's Island. The weather conditions were somewhere between gross and awful but did that dull our competitive team of MTBers? Pffft!! Our girls and boys got filthy out there and brought home for CSIS a delightful array of mantlepiece decorations and neck attire.
These were our Huxster Relay results:
Luke wheeled in for 2nd in the Individual Boys race. Many riders were heard to utter his surname "No way, man!" as he burst past them. 
"Jumpin" Jack Collins and John tore the legs off most of the people on the course and placed 2nd. John got awarded the fastest time because, as mentioned, he's a BEAST! Also, Jack has just come back to MTBing from breaking his arm doing that exact pursuit. He can be so proud of his recovery and how well he could handle the jandal on race day!
Leah "Putt Putt" Pratten and Tayla "Soars Over" Hills took out the Girls Team event. They were followed by an exciting duo of Year 7s in Hebe "I can beat Joe" Butland and Sydney "like the seetee" Booth in 2nd. Sophie "Sport-Bot" Yarham and Sabrina "pretty good on a bike, too" Thom sealed a 1, 2, 3 podium finish with their 3rd place!
Jonet "Flew all the Way" MacKay took the gold in the Girl's Individual race. Amelia "Did you even see her!?" Quinn came 4th and Jean "Biking Machine" Taylor came in 5th.
How good? Brilliant results CSIS! We're over the moon with your performances. Behind every one of our keen riders are some ever supportive parents and caregivers. A huge thank you goes out to those people who helped give their kids a chance to showcase their abilities on 2 wheels.