School Duathlon 2019

Published on Friday, 15 February 2019, 3:10 p.m. Print Article

Our school duathlon was held at Christchurch South Intermediate on Tuesday 12th February. The weather was sunny (nearly too hot) and with over 500 children competing it was a fantastic event. The Year 7s started us off with the teams, followed by the girls' individual and then the boys' individual. Every student gave it their all and it was pleasing to see the support and encouragement that the children gave to their peers while they were competing. The Year 8s were ready for their turn and they did not disappoint. They were also very supportive of each other and again I feel that South have a great group of children this year. Every student that competed on the day should be proud of their effort and be commended on showing ‘The South Way’. A big thank you to all the helpers and staff on the day. Without you events like this could not happen. Finally, thank you to all those parents/caregivers who came down to support the competitors. It was fantastic to see!

Duathlon Results 2019

Y7 Individual Boys

1st Hugo H1

2nd Harper S1

3rd Will N4

4th Oscar H4

5th Lachlan H1

Y7 Individual Girls

1st Sydney R4

2nd Amelia N4

3rd Hebe H1

4th Hanna H4

5th Amelia H4

Y7 Teams

1st Nick, Alex

2nd Priyan, James

3rd Nate, Mitchel

Y8 Individual Boys

1st Angus H2

2nd John N2

3rd Charlie H3

4th Ben H3

5th Josh R3

Y8 Individual Girls

1st Leah R3

2nd Tayla R2

3rd Sophie R2

4th Grace N3
5th Sabrina S2
Y8 Teams

1st Jimmy, Alfie

2nd George, Jack

3rd Alex, Hunter