4 of the Garden Club students checking on the delightful colour in the perennial bed. Thanks to Sophia, Charlotte, Hannah and Nikita for your enthusiasm and work throughout the year.

Keeping Christchurch Beautiful

Published on Thursday, 13 December 2018, 9:37 p.m. Print Article

This year, as usual, our school was entered into the 4 categories of awards promoted by Keep Christchurch Beautiful.  We are so proud to announce the recent results.
The first award went to our caretaker, Frank Cork, to acknowledge the stellar work that he does daily around our school. A member of the Lions organisation arrived unannounced to see what is happening. He commented on the immaculate state of our grounds and buildings, a real credit to Frank's vigilance. 
The second award, for Waste Minimisation and Recycling, also acknowledges Frank's work. He has set up and maintains a very efficient scheme to manage rubbish and recycling. The staff and students respect and support this scheme. The judging for this award was also an unscheduled visit. 
The third award is SEEP, School Environmental Enhancement Programme. Over the last 4 years members of the Garden Club have planted almost 500 native seedlings around the school. These plants have been donated by Trees for Canterbury. We are thrilled that Frank is maintaining the gardens to such a high standard. This visit was notified so that we could talk about the work being carried out. 
The final award, Community Pride Award, is for a special project. Each year we nominate a project we plan to work on in the produce garden, tucked away behind the bike stands. This year we focused on growing many of our plants from seeds, plus establishing a square-metre plot garden bed and a food forest. We had 3 visits from the judges, who monitored our progress during the year.
It is a pleasure to share these results with our school community, knowing that they represent many hours of planning and hard work. We can all be very proud of the fine state of our school buildings and gardens.