Korfball Champions

Published on Tuesday, 11 December 2018, 1:24 a.m. Print Article

We came, we saw, we conquered!

On Monday 3rd December, South had two Korfball teams participating in the final Canterbury Korfball Year 7 & 8 tournament for 2018. Having finished in the top 3 for the previous 2018 tournaments, there was a lot of pressure heading into the tournament to get the job done.

Our Tournament team comprised of year 7 students - as they prepared to step up as Korfball leaders next year. All members embraced the challenge we were faced with. Unfortunately a slow start meant that we missed out on the top 4 qualifiers, however in our playoff matchup we proved our potential by playing an exciting and expansive style of Korfball.

The South 1 team, consisting of talented and experienced Korfball veterans (year 8’s), played very well and went through pool play undefeated, only conceding a handful of goals, whilst scoring plenty themselves. As the top qualifier we matched up against newcomers, Te Waka Unua School in the quarter finals. Our experience proved valuable and we had a convincing win to advance to the semi final where we faced off against Queenspark. South is no stranger to Queenspark, having lost the final to them in Term 1. 

The semi final proved to be a game for the ages. After falling behind 2-1, it seemed as if we were cursed, as we just could not seem to get the lid off the korf. However, in the dying seconds, Hamuera Waiti made an influential interception and after some build up play the ball was in Sophie ‘the saviour’ Hammond - Parrish’s hands. Sophie went up for a running shot (which she had been making all tournament), however she was fouled in the act of shooting just as the final siren sounded. This resulted in a penalty shot to send the game into a penalty shootout. With all eyes on her, Sophie ‘the saviour’ Hammond - Parrish was as cool as the other side of the pillow and nailed the penalty to keep our hopes alive. After falling behind early in the shootout, we were able to nail 3 clutch shots in a row and we sent to a second, sudden death shootout. Queenspark missed their shot and that sent, you guessed it, Sophie ‘the saviour’ Hammond - Parrish to the line. With ice in her veins, Sophie nailed the shot and sent us through to the final against Kirkwood. 

After a bit of calm and composure, we came out firing in the final. All members of the team showcased wonderful skills, abilities and calmness under pressure and we were victorious 5-0.

A huge congratulations to Louis Hamilton, Hamuera Waiti and Sophie Hammond - Parrish who impressed not only the spectators, but also the Korfball Canterbury selectors, making it into the Tournament team which comprised of 4 boys and 4 girls.