Hosts and Billets before Broadgreen departed for home.

Broadgreen Exchange Week

Published on Friday, 28 September 2018, 9:58 a.m. Print Article

Wow, what a week we have had! From Sunday until Thursday, Christchurch South hosted 92 students from Broadgreen Intermediate for the 44th annual exchange.
First of all, thank you to all of the students and their families who offered to host a billet from Broadgreen Intermediate. To be accomodating of a child you have never met before is part of what makes our exchange so special. 
On Sunday afternoon, following a long trip from Nelson, the Broadgreen students arrived and were all eager to get to their hosts homes.
Come Monday morning, we began with our mihi whakatau to officially welcome Broadgreen to our school. The hosts and billets enjoyed a shared kai afterwards and then headed straight off to Ten Pin Bowling. There were some super strikes and also a handful of gutterballs but everyone had lots of fun getting to know each other. After lunch, we had basketball and volleyball - competitive down at Pioneer Stadium, social at school. South had two very convincing wins in the girls and boys basketball at Pioneer but Broadgreen were the stars on the Volleyball court!
Tuesday came around so quickly and we began the morning with a showcase intermediate from Broadgreen. There are some incredibly talented people at Broadgreen - actors, dancers and singers! We were blown away with the way they tied in Kiwi TV ads too.  Following the showcase, we had to make some changes due to the terrible weather lashing down on us. We went ahead with a rotation where hosts and billets were able to have a go at a couple of things in our school - performing arts, visual art, science, food, robotics, workshop, PE games and a quiz. Luckily, the weather came around and we were able to go ahead with sports in the afternoon. 
On Wednesday, the day started with a showcase from South - this was our chance to show off! So, show off we did. Following this brilliant performance, we moved into some more sport before lunch. We were competing for a sports trophy and, having won boys football the day before, were up 1 - 0. Girls and boys hockey were the other two games which counted towards the trophy. It was a tough battle but finally, South took the win in boys hockey which secured us the trophy. After lunch, Broadgreen headed out on an adventure for the afternoon.
We had the school disco on Wednesday night with the theme book characters. The characters who turned up were great! We had a couple of Thing 1 and Thing 2s as well as a Where’s Wally crew, robbers, ballerinas and Harry Potter characters to name a few. It was great to see the line dancing which came out during the night, the poses in the photobooth and the glowstick creations too. What a night!
The next morning was the final one for Broadgreen. We kicked off the final assembly with our annual debate, the topic being ‘Freedom of Speech should be limited’. There were some great points made throughout and the interjections and rebuttals were interesting and thought-provoking. After an intense battle, we were entertained wiht theatresports while the judge deliberated. The winners were... BROADGREEN! To finish up the assembly, we watched two short videos with highlights from the week and sang a shared song. 
Finally, it was time to say goodbye. The hosts and the billets went out to the playground for a group photo and then it was time to load the buses. Before they departed, the hosts gathered to give their all in the school haka, one final time.
It was such a great experience for all involved and no doubt there were some lasting friendships made. Thanks again to everyone who helped to make exchange week so very successful.