Thrilled with their achievements

Hip Hop Competition

Published on Friday, 7 September 2018, 12:42 p.m. Print Article

This year CSIS has been fortunate to have Min Bin, an ex-pupil, coach the Hip Hop Group on Tuesdays since Term One. Min has a nice manner with the students and choreographs all the dances himself playing, in particular, to the boy's strengths.
On Wednesday Primary Sports Canterbury held their Aerobics and Hip Hop Competition.
Our Boy's Team, consisting of Riley Bishop, Oscar Clatworthy, Fletcher Munro, Oscar Needham, Dwayne Ramos and Oliver Sutherland, competed in the Year7/8 Novice Section and came 1st.
The Girl's Team of Nina Callaghan, Hana Edwards, Brooke Goldsmith, Julana Mathews, Niqita Noorhaizal, Maegan Reboldad and Jazz Thorman competed in the Open Section. Unfortunately, Zoe Durie, who had been part of the team all year, was injured the day before and was unable to compete. Therefore, the girls needed to reorganise their routine on the day. Being a talented group, this did not faze them and they competed with confidence and skill and achieved 2nd place.
We are extremely proud of their achievement and hope they continue with Hip Hop in the future.