Porters Ski Trip 2018

Published on Thursday, 6 September 2018, 5:23 p.m. Print Article

It was a mild day and everyone was hyped-up about skiing. As we got on the bus we said our goodbyes to our parents and set for Porters ski field. The bus was so noisy that I could barely hear myself think.
Near the one hour mark, we had a toilet stop but soon were on our way.  It was so smelly because the sewage was getting pumped into a massive truck and taken away, yuk! We soon stopped to put chains on the bus and were sitting in the bus chatting for about fifteen minutes, when we finally got up to the ski field we were instructed to get our numbers, our boots and our skis.
Once we had our boots and our skis we then went over to our instructors and started learning the basics on how to ski. At first, we learnt how to put skis on and how to brake. We then started to go down a tiny slope and use the ‘magic carpet’, a moving, grippy piece of rubber that takes you up the beginner's slope to start again.
At one point there were so many people waiting to go on the magic carpet that it took about five to ten minutes just to get back up again. After we were good enough we got to move on to the intermediate slope, but before we did it we had to get a lesson on how to actually ski down the slope properly. At first we all pretty much just went straight down. On my first go I went into a fence and face planted in the snow, but on my second go, I went smoothly down the slope. We had so much fun but we may have had a little too much fun as we got carried away and didn’t ski properly. Eventually, we started doing it properly glided down the mountain easily.  
Overall I think that the ski trip was an amazing experience and I reckon everyone had a great time even though there were a few bangs and bruises along the way. 
By Taine Parfitt N2