Speech Finalists with Chris and Miss Aitken. The winners have the blue ribbon medals.

School Speech Final

Published on Monday, 27 August 2018, 4:43 p.m. Print Article

The school speech final was held on Tuesday. Chris Meakin from the Ministry of Education joined us as our guest judge and he had the very difficult job of choosing a Year 7 winner and a Year 8 winner. The competition was strong as we heard 'If I could change one thing'  themed speeches on Stereotypes, Anti Vegetarianism, Diabetes, Teachers, Resilience, Acceptance of those who are LGBT and Selective Hearing! The Year 7 competition was won by Tana Fasi-Smith. He delivered a powerful speech about the acceptance of those who are gay. Esther Pratten won the Year 8 competition with her clear and personal speech about the importance of being resilient. Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks to Chris for coming along and being an entertaining judge!