Champion Orienteering Teams

Summer Tournament 2017

Published on Monday, 11 December 2017, 12:15 p.m. Print Article

Last Tuesday, on a day that hit temperatures well into the 30's, our summer tournament teams battled away on the field, and in the heat!
Our team of Orienteers, who were all novices competing in their first events, performed extremely well. Our Year 8 boys team of Maurice, Konna, Fergus and Damon came away with a 1st place in the Rogaine event, and 2nd in the relay. Our Year 7 team of Sunny, Hannah, Ella and Henry also performed exceptionally well, gaining a 2nd place in the Rogaine event. 
Under the scorching sun and on the burning sand, our volleyballers faced some pretty tough conditions! The B team performed incredibly well, narrowly missing out on making the top 4, going on to finish in 7th place. Our A team played well to make the semi finals, only to fall at the last hurdle and gain 4th place.
Our tennis team showed exceptional focus in the heat to produce some steady performances, with the girls taking 4th position, and the boys taking on each other in the 5/6th playoff. 
The Softball team, consisting of all Year 7s, were extremely competitive and came away with a 4th place. These guys will be a force to be reckoned with in 2018!!
The Girls Cricket team played some extremely close games, even pushing the national champions, and came away with 2nd position. Our boys cricket team had some mixed results, winning 4 games and losing 3 on a very mentally and physically draining day. 
Our golfers, with 3 of the 4 players from our winning team last year returning, were looking to hold onto their title. They were successful with this, taking out the competition yet again, so we look forward to following these boys over their high school golfing careers. 
Both Touch teams showed a huge amount of determination and grit in the trying conditions. The boys were forced to play an over time, where they narrowly came away with a win, and finishing in 5th place. The girls, being only one of two all girls teams, were forced to play in the mixed competition facing boys and girls teams, finishing with 4th position. 
Thanks to all the parents who came down to support the respective teams, your help was much appreciated.