Year 8 Theatresports Team

South Island Junior Theatresports Finals

Published on Tuesday, 5 December 2017, 1:49 p.m. Print Article

On Sunday the 2nd of December, South’s Year 8 Theatresports team competed in the South Island Junior Theatresports Championship Finals at the Court Theatre.

Friends and family of the teams gathered to watch the performance. Every seat was filled, the judges sat poised with their pencils sharpened, and the anticipation in the air was almost tangible. Annabel Morison, Amy Butler, Isabelle Bowen, Ryan Pugh and Toby Hull faced some fierce competition; the 4 other teams were St Thomas of Canterbury, Burnside High A team, Beckenham School and Motueka High School (winners from Nelson).
There were 3 rounds in the competition; the blind round, which the South team sped through with ‘Yes and Experts’, the choice round, in which they performed with ‘New Choice’, bringing a hilarious tale of paper machéd chocolate frogs, and the challenge round. In the challenge round, the South team were given the challenge of making a scene with the message, ‘Never judge a book by its cover’. They pulled it off in a humorous version of ‘Half Life’ that involved guinea pigs and warts. This year, St Thomas won the finals, but our team did a great job and had lots of fun. It was an exciting Sunday afternoon filled with laughter and great improvisation for all.
The South Year 7 team competed last week, coming second place to the South Year 8 team. Let's hope they make it through to the finals next year!

Congratulations to the Year 8 team for making it through to the finals, and well done on representing South. A special thanks to Miss Revell for all the hard work and commitment put in to make this possible!
Article by Isabelle Bowen, S2