Yr 7 1200m

Athletics Sports 2017

Published on Thursday, 16 November 2017, 4:26 p.m. Print Article

On November 1st & 2nd Christchurch South held their annual Athletics Sports. This year we had only one Standards day with Hillary and Ngata competing in the morning followed by Sheppard and Rutherford in the afternoon. This was highly successful and is something that we will continue to do. On Championship day we had a number of outstanding results. In the girls, Gracie Pratten achieved  five 1st out of six events. Not to be out done, her sister, Esther Pratten, went one better and placed 1st in all six events. Since I have been at the school this is the first time there has been a clean sweep. In the boys, Louis Hamillton achieved three 1st and Hunter Ryan-Biddick achieved one first and four seconds. Thanks to the weather, the hard working staff and all the parents who turned up and supported the children it was a fantastic two days. A team will be heading down to Ashburton later this month to represent us in the inter-school event. I am sure they will do well.
Y8 Boys 100m Yr8 Girls 100m Y7 Boys 100m Yr7 Girls 100m
1st Hamish Judd 13.38sec 1st Gracie Pratten 14.14 1st Louis Hamilton 13.69 1st Esther Pratten 14.34
2nd Hunter Ryan-Biddick 2nd Jorja Loose 2nd Jayden Prebble 2nd Brooke Goldsmith
3rd Jess Beeforth 3rd Laura Phillips 3rd Harry Owen 3rd Sienna Garrick
Y8 Boys High Jump Yr8 Girls High Jump Y7 Boys High Jump Yr7 Girls High Jump
1st Jesse Beeforth 1.50m 1st Jorja Loose 1.35 1st Louis Hamilton 1.38 1st Esther Pratten 1.25
2nd Hunter Ryan-Biddick 2nd Laura Phillips 2nd Sammy Clelland 2nd Grace Harris
3rd= Alex Burrows, Avishnal Chand 3rd Belle Cleland Hall 3rd Connor Arnold 3rd Charlotte Stevenson
Hugo Westphall, Oliver Giamblanco
Y8 Boys Long Jump Yr8 Girls Long Jump Y7 Boys Long Jump Yr7 Girls Long Jump
1st Avishnal Chand 4.64m 1st Gracie Pratten 4.34 1st Louis Hamilton 4.80 1st Esther Pratten 4.30
2nd Hunter Ryan-Biddick 2nd Samantha Ross 2nd Finn Arnold 2nd Brooke Goldsmith
3rd Ciaran O'Regan 3rd Gemma Quigley 3rd Blake Rosanowski 3rd Leah Smith
Y8 Boys Shot Put Yr8 Girls Shot Put Y7 Boys Shot Put Yr7 Girls Shot Put
1st Hunter Ryan-Biddick 8.77m 1st Gracie Pratten 9.77 1st Revel Mumuta 8.73 1st Esther Pratten 7.90
2nd Ben Higgins 2nd Jaze Jones 2nd Harry Read 2nd Sienna Garrick
3rd Sam Cooper 3rd Laura Phillips 3rd Joseph Pinamonti 3rd Ryleigh Beech
Y8 Boys Discus Yr8 Girls Discus Y7 Boys Discus Yr7 Girls Discus
1st Ben Higgins 31.34m 1st Gracie Pratten 24.94 1st Ben Hazlett 22.61 1st Esther Pratten 21.44
2nd Hunter Ryan-Biddick 2nd Reilly Kane 2nd Alex Jeffery-Dally 2nd Hollie Johnson
3rd Jayden Olsen 3rd Rylee Munro 3rd Aryan Kumar 3rd Livvy Crowe
Y8 Boys 1200m Yr8 Girls 1200m Y7 Boys 1200m Yr7 Girls 1200m
1st Jesse Beeforth 3min 55sec 1st Gracie Pratten 4min 29sec 1st Connor Richardson 4min 14sec 1st Esther Pratten 4min 28sec
2nd Hugo Westphall 2nd Sophia Wallace 2nd Hamish Sherratt 2nd Brooke Goldsmith
3rd Alex Wenmoth 3rd Ita Salvado Lozano 3rd Saxon Venrooy 3rd Elise Jackson