CSIS's four-year medallists

Christchurch Schools' Music Festival 2017

Published on Sunday, 29 October 2017, 10:22 a.m. Print Article

Congratulations to Christchurch South students Jack MacDonald, Archie MacDonald, Yuki Saito and Essy Spark for representing CSIS at this year’s Christchurch School’s Music Festival after being selected for the Senior Special Choir. These dedicated singers are involved in the festival even though CSIS is not taking part in the massed choir event this year (CSIS takes part bi-annually).

The Special Choir sings most of the harmonies for the festival concerts at the Horncastle Arena as well as a bracket of three challenging songs themselves in several parts.

They performed last week – with an all-day practice Tuesday and three nights on stage.

Making it through the daunting audition process and winning a place in the Senior Choir was a big achievement as hundreds of Year 7 and 8’s from all over Canterbury and Westland try out.  But it doesn’t stop there – these students have rehearsed for two hours on Saturday afternoons since August (often coming straight off the sports field!) and given up three days of the last school holidays to workshop their group items.

It’s not all hard work though – they have been able to meet other singers and musicians from all over our province and be part of an amazing event which has been going in Canterbury for 78 years.

Special extra mention must to go Jack and Archie MacDonald and Yuki Saito who were awarded medals for being selected for the special choir for the maximum four years running.

That’s a lot of singing, remembering words, hours of practice and late nights!  Well done to Archie too, for being selected as one of the comperes this year which meant speaking in front of hundreds at the Horncastle Arena.  Another mention must go to Kate Suckling whose winning poster design made it to the front of the Festival programme and posters.  You have all done yourselves and South proud!

Written by Ana Olykan