Team Maths

Published on Monday, 25 September 2017, 9:07 p.m. Print Article

On Tuesday 8th August, sixty-four teams from around the school competed in the team maths event. Excitement had built up over the previous week, as classes practiced problem-solving techniques and worked together to build skill in tackling a wide range of mathematical conundrums.


The Year seven teams started first. The A-grade teams were away quickly, but question number five stumped all teams for quite some time. Five minutes later, the top teams were off again and racing each other for the first position. The B-grade was steady if a little frantic. Students racing to achieve the questions in the least amount of time, without any passes. Up to question 10 the lead teams, in the A grade were neck and neck. Out of nowhere all teams but one got stuck and a clear leader was found winning the A-grade with just ten minutes remaining.


The year eight competition was a thriller, with a close competition between Ngata and Sheppard. The runners of the teams sprinted to the the answer desk, time after time within seconds of each other. Often, only to be sent back again for second time. Both teams faltered on the last question, with the runner sprinting back again and again to the marker. The final 5 points were gained in a split second dash between the two teams with Ngata snatching a well earned victory.