Miss Wilkinson on stage

Dancing With the Staff 2017

Published on Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 4:38 p.m. Print Article

2017’s Dancing With The Staff competition saw leaps, jumps, comedy, and - of course - plenty of poorly executed pirouettes. We were taken on a journey and had the chance to see Taylor Swift live (Matt), re-live our two favourite movies - Frozen, and the Lion King - and also watch Miss Te Rangi bopping to Beyonce. Our professional M.C.’s, Hermione and Daniel, presented this very amateur show like it was the VMAs. 

Taking out the third place award was Mr McBrearty, with comedy, moves and grooves. Mr McBrearty’s group took to the stage with fabulous flair, personality, style, and face paint!

Second place was awarded to Miss Lloyd. This group had some hilarious dancers, especially Hamish and Oliver, who rocked their dresses on stage. We were even treated to a performance by “Mr Lloyd” (Miss Lloyd) in a basketball uniform. Jade pulled a truly astounding back handspring out of the bag.

 And finally, first place was deservingly awarded to the one and only Miss Riches! Their group was clean cut, tidy, and had energy to burn. Their song mash-up had the audience bopping in their seats as they pulled out all the moves and danced together as one.

 The best costume award had to go to Matt; he rocked the purple and white dress, the wig and bright red lipstick!  The Taylor Swift look-a-like had his fans cheering and clapping. When he threw off his wig at the end, the audience couldn’t believe it was really Matt the whole time!  

 Overall, everyone enjoyed this year’s Dancing With The Staff competition. The M.C.’s were fabulous and the dancing was at an extremely high standard. Congratulations to Miss Riches and her group for taking out the competition, and to everyone else who competed. It was great to watch.

 Written by Emily Cropp and Hermione Smith.