3 Times a Winner!

Published on Monday, 18 September 2017, 3:27 p.m. Print Article

NIWA Canterbury-Westland Schools' Science and Technology Fair.
The Science and Technology Fair has once again seen many young minds demonstrating their creative thinking and passion for learning. This year South students Billie and Annabel submitted their Science and Technology projects.  These students demonstrated a great commitment to the tasks. Annabel's Technology project  - Auto Darkening Car Windscreens won 3 prizes:
  • Best in Year 8 Technology
  • Callaghan's award for an innovative project with commercial potential
  • Best in Fair
Annabel writes: "Last Saturday, Billie and I entered our exhibits in the Canterbury and Westland Science fair. The judging started at 9:30 where our projects were scrutinized by category judges and specialist judges. There was a wide variety of exhibits including a bike saw to things involving complicated technology and random snails.
Billie entered a study on how music affects the brain and I entered a technology entry which was an auto-darkening car windscreen, programmed using Arduino. A circuit is attached to three LDRs in a pinhole box which measures the light strength from the 3 different directions that matter. This information gets fed into the Arduino and the computer which changes the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen darkness which is segmented. I soldered the circuit connecting the LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors) to a 5k resistor, to the 5-volt pin, to an analog pin and ground pin on the Arduino. I did this to all three LDRs. Since it is connected to the Arduino I can track the light strength and control the display.
The next day I went to the prizegiving ceremony and won best in year 8 technology ($150), Callaghan's award for an innovative project with commercial potential ($333) and best in fair ($1000). I encourage students to do the science fair since it is a great experience and fun."
Well done to both students and a superb result for Annabel.