The Boys' Hip Hop Crew

Primary Sports Canterbury Hip Hop Competition

Published on Wednesday, 13 September 2017, 8:53 p.m. Print Article

Earlier this week, the boys' and girls' hip hop teams travelled to Hornby High School to compete in the Primary Sports Canterbury Hip Hop Competition.  Schools from around Canterbury competed in either the open or novice category.  Our girls' hip hop crew competed in the open category, whilst our boys' hip hop crew competed in the novice category.  


The competition was tough, with extremely high levels of skill, choreography and costuming. Highlights included watching a group tell the story of Alice in Wonderland through hip hop, and Te Waka Unua School perform gangsta moves with impressive levels of attitude and facial expression.  Both of our crews thoroughly enjoyed the experience; it was an eye-opening, inspiring morning.


The great news is that our boys' hip hop crew secured second place in the novice category.  No other team had the audience clapping, whooping and cheering along anywhere near as much as our boys' crew - they wiped the floor in terms of audience appeal and entertainment.  One of the judges came up to our crew at the end and said that he had loved their performance and wanted to work with them - what a compliment!


Huge thanks go to Tash Higginson for her excellent choreography, commitment and support of the groups.  Tash is the driver behind both groups and we are really lucky to have her expertise and support.


Both the boys' and girls' hip hop crews will be performing at Showcase next week - good luck guys!