ICAS Results

Published on Wednesday, 9 August 2017, 1:48 p.m. Print Article

We had 29 students sit the ICAS Spelling exam, 27 students sit the ICAS Science exam, and 21 students sit the ICAS Digital Technologies exam this year. To receive a Merit Certificate students need to score in the top 50% of all students in the NZ and Pacific region, Credit - top 30%, Distinction - top 10% and High Distinction - Top 1%. Congratulations to all students who sat these exams.
Year 7 Spelling 
Merit – Elizabeth Collecutt, Amelie Devos, Christopher Fenwick, Marina Takemura, Arvid Waghorn
Credit – Samantha Dowick, Josh Fraser, Dwayne Ramos, Isabella Thom, Frances Warren-Cheung
Distinction – Clara Dujakovic
Year 7 Science
Credit – Jasper Murray, Liam Priestley
Distinction – Josh Craythorne, Clara Dujakovic, Joshua Fraser, Steven Horswell, Luke McPherson
Year 7 Digital Technologies
Merit -  Nicole Chenery, Jasper Murray
Credit – Sam Clelland, Clara Dujakovic, Josh Fraser, Ben McLauchlan
Distinction – Liam Priestley, Samuel Rogers
High Distinction – Will Elston, Steven Horswell
Year 8 Spelling
Credit – Jayden Olsen, Emily Cropp, Matthew Davis, William Mannering, Annabel Morison, Ngaire North, Billie Pine 
Distinction – Ben Higgins,  
High Distinction – Grady Kenix 

Year 8 Science
Merit – Benjamin Hay, Grady Kenix
Credit – Rosie Cruickshank, Ngaire North, Fergus Ord, Billie Pine
Distinction – Emily Cropp, Ben Higgins
High Distinction – Annabel Morison
Year 8 Digital Technologies
Merit – Ben Frame
Credit – Daniel Ardouin, Michael Doherty     
Distinction – Annabel Morison
High Distinction – Ethan Doughty