Winning Poster Design!

Published on Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 10:56 a.m. Print Article

The theme was decided, the criteria was set, and entries were waited upon. The Christchurch Music Festival art competition was open to all schools in Canterbury and 25 of the entries were from South. “Whatever the Weather” was a well thought out theme, which inspired many wonderful designs and ideas from the children of Canterbury. For me, it was the songs “Singing in the rain” and “You are my sunshine” that set off the ideas. These were included in the crazy song and idea mash up in my head. Eventually, I settled with a choir singing in the rain and the sun working the ukulele. Next came the composition and, after several attempts, I came up with a suitable design. I was not quite happy with my original idea so I created a second design and, though it did not quite represent the theme, I entered both. The first design won the Music Festival Competition and the second won the South Monthly Art Challenge so thankfully it was win-win! 
The night the phone rang, I knew something was up. If it wasn’t the fact that my art teacher was on the phone, then it was certainly the fact that her “knowing” voice was being used. This meant that I had either done something extremely good or extremely bad. At first I thought she had the wrong person, but it was my name that she used several times. It didn’t sink in at once, but once it had, I had to hold my breath until I passed the phone on to Mum, while I took to the hallway to do something of a victory dance and a gym workout that consisted of a large variety of assorted fist pumps and echos of “Yess, yess, yesssssss!”. After all that hard work, both the school art department and I became $100 richer. I was a very happy camper!
Kate Suckling