Sophie, Julius, and Amelia with their first place medals and plaque.

Otago Daily Times Spelling Quiz Winners

Published on Thursday, 9 June 2016, 8:07 a.m. Print Article

This year's Otago Daily Times Spelling Quiz was as big as ever with 79 teams vying for competition success.  Eight teams represented Christchurch South and hopes were high following last year's commendable results.  Each team of three was put through their paces on everything from their spelling ability, knowledge of root words and abbreviations, and proof reading skills. There was also the traditional game changing 'All or Nothing' round where competitors had to guess two words with just a few clues. Teams that guessed both words correctly scored a maximum of 10 points while incorrect guesses resulted in a score of 0.  After 90 minutes and several play off rounds among the top teams, the South  4 team of Sophie, Julius and Amelia finished first and the South  5 team Jeremy, George, and Scarlet finished second equal; the highest results ever for South in this competition. Not to be outdone, two more South teams finished only 2 points and 4 points respectively behind the winning team.