First fruit of the season.

So sweet!

Published on Monday, 14 December 2015, 9:00 a.m. Print Article

Some of our garden club students enjoyed the first picking of strawberries last week.  We have had a wonderful year in our garden, planting and harvesting many crops. The two orchards are looking very promising, with an abundance of raspberries, currants, apples, feijoas, rhubarb and other fruit growing well. We lost a lot of vegetable plants in the unexpected frosts of last month but the replacement plants are doing well, even surviving the hailstorms yesterday. We aim to grow even more pumpkins this year than our amazing count last year. Our hard work in the garden was recognised by a Community Pride Award, run by Keep Christchurch Beautiful.  Well done to our band of gardeners for your hard work throughout the year and to parents and friends for your advice, support and donations.  We would be grateful for 10 more wooden pallets, in good condition, to create a fence around our garden. Please contact the office if you can help us.