Year 8 Girls 100m Final

Athletics Sports - 2015

Published on Wednesday, 25 November 2015, 12:53 p.m. Print Article

Once again the annual CSIS Athletics Sport days have come and gone. On Tuesday 3rd the Year 8’s started us off with the Year 7’s on Thursday 5th due to a day being rained off and Championship Day therefore on Friday 6th. All students competed in high jump, shot put, discus, long jump, 1200m, hurdles and 100m on their respective days, with the children who excelled in particular events competing on Championship Day. It was fantastic seeing all of the students taking part and trying their best.

There were some excellent results for some of our Year 8 students on Championship Day. In the boys Joe achieved five firsts and two seconds. Noel achieved a second and two thirds and Jacob achieved two firsts and a third. In the girls, Stella achieved three firsts, a second and a third and Alaina achieved five seconds and a third.

Not to be out done, some of our Year 7 students also achieved some excellent results. In the boys Zach achieved five firsts, a second and a third. Cornelius achieved one first, five seconds and a third. In the girls Alyssa achieved two firsts and a second and Phoebe achieved one first, one second and two thirds.

Good luck to the students who will represent South at the interschool competition in Ashburton this year. I am sure you will do yourself and us proud.

Final House Placings
1st Sheppard
2nd Rutherford
3rd Hillary
4th Ngata
 Results 2015
Y8 Boys 100m Yr8 Girls 100m Y7 Boys 100m Yr7 Girls 100m
1st Jacob 12.91sec 1st Stella 13.63 1st Zach 13.88 1st Emma 14.57
2nd Joe 2nd Alaina 2nd Cornelius 2nd Alyssa
3rd Noel 3rd Ely 3rd Riley 3rd Georgia
Y8 Boys High Jump Yr8 Girls High Jump Y7 Boys High Jump Yr7 Girls High Jump
1st Joe 1.39m 1st Emily 1.32 1st Zach 1.45 1st Sophia 1.27
2nd John 2nd Stella 2nd Cornelius 2nd Victoria
3rd Jayden 3rd Sydnee 3rd Ollie 3rd Phoebe
Y8 Boys Long Jump Yr8 Girls Long Jump Y7 Boys Long Jump Yr7 Girls Long Jump
1st Jacob 4.58m 1st Stella 4.10 1st Cornelius 4.22 1st Alyssa 3.86
2nd Joe 2nd Alaina 2nd Zach 2nd Riana
3rd Noel 3rd Sydnee 3rd Carter 3rd Amelie
Y8 Boys Shot Put Yr8 Girls Shot Put Y7 Boys Shot Put Yr7 Girls Shot Put
1st Joe 9.61m 1st Jodie 9.63 1st Avelima 10.39 1st Georgia 7.53
2nd Mekhye 2nd Alaina 2nd Cornelius 2nd Phoebe
3rd N/A 3rd Stella 3rd Zach 3rd Phoebe
Y8 Boys Discus Yr8 Girls Discus Y7 Boys Discus Yr7 Girls Discus
1st Joe 28.19m 1st Grace 19.46 1st Zach 25.56 1st Phoebe 23.57
2n Faimafili 2nd Harmony 2nd Cornelius 2nd Georgia
3rd Max 3rd Alaina 3rd Thomas 3rd Amelie
Y8 Boys 1200m Yr8 Girls 1200m Y7 Boys 1200m Yr7 Girls 1200m
1st Joe 4min 6sec 1st Olivia 4.32 1st Zach 4.06 1st Alyssa 4.44
2nd Tim 2nd Alaina 2nd Charlie 2nd Antonia
3rd Luam 3rd Lily 3rd Cornelius 3rd Lucie
Y8 Boys Hurdles Yr8 Girls Hurdles Y7 Boys Hurdles Yr7 Girls Hurdles
1st Joe 12.53sec 1st Stella 13.93 1st Zach 13.63 1st Zoe 16.25
2nd Noel 2nd Alaina 2nd Cornelius 2nd Florence
3rd Jacob 3rd Ely 3rd Jack 3rd Phoebe