Joe, Josh, and Matthew during the Newspaper search round

Otago Daily Times Current Events Quiz

Published on Friday, 25 September 2015, 11:11 a.m. Print Article

This year's Otago Daily Times EXTRA Current Events Quiz once again saw eight South teams battling it out with 76 other Year 7 and 8 teams from around Canterbury to be this year's champions.  Each team's knowledge of national and international events, geography, national flags, famous faces, and their ability to locate information within the Otago Daily Times were all put to the test in order to find the the most successful team from Canterbury for 2015. 

As always the competition was fierce and, with South's impressive record at this event, it was no secret that some teams were even more determined to score their first victory at this event. With the top teams running neck and neck throughout the event, South's team of Joe, Josh, and Matthew finished very creditable 4th equal, only 4 points behind the eventual winners.