ICAS Science and Spelling Results

Published on Monday, 21 September 2015, 10:19 a.m. Print Article

We had 45 students sit the ICAS Science and 34 students sit the ICAS Spelling exams this year. To receive a Merit Certificate students need to score in the top 50% of all students in the NZ and Pacific region, Credit - top 30%, Distinction - top 10% and High Distinction - Top 1%. Congratulations to all students who sat these exams.
Year 7 - Science
Credit - Lauren Bennett, Tessa Bennett, James Clelland, Kansuke Shin, Abigail Stephens
Distinction - Harrison Craythorne, Jeremy Kinley
Year 7 - Spelling
Merit - Anna Gibbs, Sophia Rutherford
Credit - Reuben Elkins, Shifa Ahmed, Lauren Bennett, Scarlett Bown, Kaia De Peyon, Marketa Fenwick, Abigail Stephens
Distinction - Ben Crisp, Amelia Kirkness, Amelie Mackay
High Distinction - George Gearry
Year 8 - Science
Merit - Theo Johns, Brooklyn Wheeler
Credit - Matthew Adams, Dylan Bargh, Thomas Barthelmeh, Tim Blackwell, Isaac Cone, Mandy Lowther, Elliot Oliver, Alec Thomson
Distinction - Ben Blackwell
High Distinction - Josh Johnston
Year 8 - Spelling
Credit - Amber Bell, Isaac Cone, Michael Rivers, Anna Yates
Distinction - Noel Cartwright, Elliot Oliver