Social Action Workshop

Published on Wednesday, 6 July 2022, 1:01 p.m. Print Article

On Monday the 13th of June Tim Pamflett from World Vision came to CSKI to run leadership workshops with the school leadership team of head students and the Social Awareness team members. 

He asked us to imagine walking hours for water, and it's not even clean. He talked about the water crisis in some countries. He told us about kids worldwide having to walk six km to get water.  This water from rivers and ponds wasn't even clean!  After gathering that water, you then had to walk back the 6km home, with a heavy bucket, trying not to spill it.

We know that our school can help. 

By donating…
$6- purifying kit for a child for 1 month
$18- 3 months of emergency water to a child in a refugee camp
$32- 1 month purifying kit for a family
$108- gives a child a long-term water pump close to home
$180- trains a local water task force to keep clean water flowing for years to come
$1800- 3 months of emergency water for 100 people in a refugee camp 

We talked with Tim about how to run our 2022 40 hour famine campaign.  We also talked about leadership, what this looks like, what it means and how to be an effective leader. It was a fantastic learning experience and we learned some useful skills and information. 

By Millie Barnes R1 and Sienna Reynolds S2