Teams Cosmic and Ziggy at the Junior Theatresports Competition

2019 Junior Theatresports Competition

Published on Friday, 8 November 2019, 12:33 p.m. Print Article

Congratulations to the ten students who participated in this year's Junior Theatresports Competition run by the Court Jesters from The Court Theatre.  
This year, Christchurch South Intermediate School entered two teams of five students: Team Cosmic (Vincent, Zinzan, Connor, Zoey and Maisie) and Team Ziggy (Alex, Maia, Cameron, Ellen and Sienna). The heat, which took place in Rangi Ruru's school gymnasium, saw us compete against each other (eek!), Medbury School and St. Andrews' College. 
After the first round the two CSIS teams nearly level-pegging ahead of Medbury (also consisting of year 7 and 8 students) but behind the year 9 and 10 students from STAC. This trend continued until the end of the competition, at which point Team Cosmic were awarded second place (despite having an equal score with Team Ziggy?!?!), with STAC in first place. Congratulations to STAC who played very well and deserved to win.
Despite the heat, tough competition and crazy acoustics we had heaps of fun and are very proud of our second and third placings. The teams loved playing - amongst other games - Typewriter, Meanwhile, Time Jump, Shared Voice and Speak in One Voice. My favourite moment has to be Team Cosmic's "change of heart" scene which involved a talking sheep, a bully sheep, a farmer and a farmer's wife. The moral of the story?... if you're ever destined for the slaughter house, make friends with your fellow sheep-kind and run away like mad.