Craig Robinson (Mr Robbie)

Published on Monday, 2 September 2019, 1:03 p.m. Print Article

It is with heavy hearts that we acknowledge the life of Craig Robinson and his contribution to our school. Craig passed away peacefully on August 29, 2019. 

Craig Robinson worked at South from January 1994 to December 2013 (20 years). He started in 1994 in his first teaching position. Prior to training as a teacher he had been a photographer in the Air Force. At South he very quickly become known affectionately by students and staff as Mr Robbie. Throughout his time as a teacher Mr Robbie always found creative and engaging ways to make learning fun. Before digital photography was in everyday use he set up a darkroom at school and ran a photography club where students learnt how to develop their own photos. He also led a team of teachers who taught Multi Media studies in a live video recording studio and helped move the school into the digital age by developing a computer based multimedia programme of learning. For a few years he also planned and resourced a very practical and engaging Science programme. He led a team of teachers to deliver it and reinvigorated the use of the Science lab. He always had a real interest in sport. As well as coaching successful football teams he shared his absolute passion for basketball. There have been thousands of students who were introduced to the game of basketball and had the opportunity to play in teams while they were at South as a result of Mr Robbie’s passion. His efforts saw him win a national sports award. 

Craig was a team leader and then won a position as a deputy principal with responsibility for leading learning including ICT development and e-learning in particular. In this capacity he led the school’s development of the use of computers for learning which saw a dramatic increase in the number of devices accessing the school network. He was also behind the development of the Digitech programme of learning and the introduction of BYOD. For many years he taught students the skills necessary to be effective sound and lighting technicians and was instrumental in ensuring that the school’s sound and lighting equipment and resources were highly effective. Major Productions had very professional lighting and sound input and effects as a result of significant amounts of Mr Robbie’s time and effort. 

Our current school logo was significantly influenced by Craig’s ideas and thinking. His part in the collaborative process of creating a new logo reflected the skills, talents and interest he had in art and design and in ways in which meaning can be presented visually. Mr Robbie had substantial input into the development of the new school buildings and the redevelopment of older facilities. His constant, relentless and visionary focus on the future of learning and the need for flexibility was a major factor in having very effective facilities for learning today and for many years to come.
Craig was passionate about his family. He talked about them often and with huge pride. He advocated for his own children, was there to guide, nurture and encourage while challenging them to spread their wings, form their own views and opinions and become independent young people. He and his wife, Mary, made a great team.

Mr Robbie you were an inspiration and a brilliant example of someone who knows and understands what it means to be successful, to take small steps constantly towards the goal. Your tireless hard work, commitment and energy led to many many wonderful opportunities for students and contributed significantly to a thriving Christchurch South Intermediate. Mr Robbie, students past, present and in the future have much to thank you for. You absolutely lived the South Way. For your aiming high, commitment, support and integrity, and for your passion for learning, your independence and willingness to collaborate and debate, your love of diversity and absolute enthusiasm to embrace challenge, we salute you. 

Rest in Peace